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Revelation Vacation, time away is good.

So our weekend away via IPhone pictures…such a great way to capture the hazy-lazy-dazy time away from the mountains. So much to do to get ready for a few more shows and some more flea market goodness, enjoy!

Weekend Thrifting: its summer!

Loving what thrift stores have especially in the summer! Many people cleaning out (me as well) and lots of vintage goodies coming in.

Happy 4th of July!

Outta town this weekend to relax and renew. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

“Take a Chance…”

What I didn’t take home from the thrift store: a tofu press

“The joys of protein-rich soybean curd…”

Here’s to summer & being a kid again!

As part of my birthday, I went to the local carnival with a good friend of mine…now I haven’t been on a carnival ride in YEARS but when asked about the carnival swings, I figured…hey why not?

The night inspired me to take that same energy to my art. Why NOT try something new, take a chance and be inspired?

Getting settled & feeling thankful

It’s June tomorrow and it’s been a month of changes! We finally made the move to our new place and will post pictures when it’s a bit more decorated! This weekend was lots unpacking, b-day celebrations with my parents and today is a fun day with the husband. This week to come is all about getting back to the craft. I’ve found a few really great articals on making and can’t wait to share them and eventually my new studio/craft space.

Until then, here is a picture of the sink at our new place…interesting style.