Button of the Week


Happiness can be simple

With the stress of life, I’ve been making an effort to not take certain things for granted, appreciate the small things, and that happiness can be simple with things like:

My ultra-cranky cat looking adorable

Saturday BBQ with friends

Ok, what did you do with May?

So I realized that I have performed the highest blogging sin…radio silence. I know, I’ve been good for so long! All I can say is it’s been a busy month! Moving each weekend, and lots of projects that have nothing to do with atomsatwork….no excuses though…let’s move forward!

So I have a summer show schedule: kept it to a minimum, but looking forward to these!

  • Pittsfield’s Third Thursday (May 20 & more dates to come)
  • BerkshireMade presents: Handmade in the Park (June 26 1st Congregational Church, Lee, MA)
  • Mass Art’s Mass Market (June 27)
  • Pittsfield Art Show (July 17-18)
  • Boston Bazaar Bizarre SUMMER Fair (August 21 Union Sq, Sommerville, MA)
  • most likely more to come!

This weekend is the Hilltown Spring Festival (no selling, just lots of fun), more moving, and SUNDAY a trip to Brimfield! I’ve never been on the last day, so we’ll see what’s left, but I’ve got my rolling cart, my tote bag and sunscreen and we’ll see!

Button of the Week

Button of the Week

Button of the Week

Flea Market Prep!

This is one of my FAVORITE times of the year…searching for tag sales/flea markets/estate sales, getting up on early on a Saturday or Sunday, and driving to who knows where for treasures! I’m always on the look out for home decor, vintage clothing and of course buttons! My husband is modeling my latest accessory to help me with the markets that are long lines, countless booths and help me keep one hand free! I hope to use this during one of my visits to the Brimfield Flea Market, or the Olde Hadley Flea Market. Anyone recommend any good flea markets in the vicinity of the Berkshires?

Here’s a list of my must haves when getting ready for a long day of flea market/tag sales:

  • an empty car: You never know if you’ll run into a few small items, a large piece of furniture…or both! Take a good look before taking off if you need to make room
  • Bottled water (and/or snacks): If you’re not near a store when you are travelling to keep hydrated, full and cool.
  • Sunscreen, a hat, or sun protection: I usually need it if my husband is with me, but when you’re out in the sun for so long, anyone could use sun protection!
  • Tote bag: for multiple purchases. If you are going to tag sales you may not need to do this, but if you’re at the flea market, better than lots of little bags.
  • Check out Design Sponge’s  patch nyc: fleamarket shopping tips for more!

Do you have any tips, tricks, places to go?