The Weekend Thrift 04-19-10

So I’m excited to share this find. For $1.99 at the thrift store, but lots of history! I picked up this cargo bag in hopes it would be a cute bag for summer. I had a thing for army surplus stuff when I was younger, but I’ve been itching for a new bag, and figured I couldn’t go wrong for $2.00! But, really I need a purse that is fit for the pack-animal that I am. I seriously carry everything with me! This could attached to my current purse for extra storage.

Obviously it’s U.S. Army-issue, and it has the two straps, but when I opened it I thought, “What the lining is ripped!” I took a look inside and found that it wasn’t ripped, but the lining wasn’t ripped, there were flaps that folded in that revealed an fun surprise:

A diagram of what the bag is used for! From what my step-dad and I could figure it’s from 1945, very cool!

After the cut are some up close shots of the diagram have a great Monday!


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