Totally (well, almost)Thrifted: The Bathroom

So in light of our just getting the keys to our new apartment, I have been thinking about what kind of style I want the new place to have. The best way to look forward is to look back right? So my bathroom, I can proudly say is the mostly thrifted and best describes my husband and I’s aesthetic (give or take). So this first photo is one of three pieces we picked up a few year ago and were the inspiration for the colors in this room. These are more like kitchen bottles but hey, I think it works!

Next is  one of the non-thrifted pieces: tablecloths  from Potluck Studios that were made into curtains. The background color is orange and the dots are a light blue. They might be described as trippy, but I’ve believe they tie the room together nicely!

Needlework in like colors… bringing in a pop of color!

I love this owl…in fact I love both birds and needle/yarn/work etc…

So it’s not thrifted but it’s crafty! This lovely bird is from Laurie Coyle Designs. Laurie, who I know I’ve written about before, is an amazing artist and I’m glad to have some of her work! I really like  what I have up now, so does that mean that I should/could transfer it the new place? I’m going to try it this weekend and see how it looks. It could go to the new bathroom, go to other places in the apartment, I’m open to anything!


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