April Goals: or “What in the world am I doing with my time?”

Happy April! May it’s been one busy month for me! I started a new day job mid-month, so for April, it’s all about B-A-L-A-N-C-E! Let’s see how March’s goals went:
  • Firm list of 2010 shows: that I’ll apply to or sign up for.  Looking at location, demographic and other factors, I can plan for travel, stock etc…

I did OK on this one, applied to Twist, Pittsfield Art Show and BerkshireMade presents: Handmade in the Park. So I did ok for Summer at least, feels too early for fall! I may apply for more later on, but we will see!

  • Touch base with all accounts for spring items: Book appointments with current stores to swap out products, bring in bright spring items, intro new pieces, etc

Again, OK with this one as well. Need to stop by for a few local accounts, but I am in touch with them, counts for something right? So the rest of these were not complete, or researched. I realize that it’s OK, we have months like this and we just move forward right?

  • Consignment vs. Wholesale: Is it the economy, or is harder to secure wholesale accounts? I have had mostly success with consignment but I’m tasking myself to research this more and please if you have and sight, please weight in! I’d love to hear from you! I’m thinking of devoting a blog post to it, and will post some articles I find in my research!
  • Packaging/Branding: I have a few logos: blog, biz card, tags, etc. While all of them are in the  button family, I realize one logo/color scheme, theme is appropriate. Will research other business and see what I can do to streamline what I have here!
  • Shop Update and Online Shopping Cart Research: Is Etsy the best space to showcase my work online? Especially for Jewelry? Do I create two shops or keep jewelry/hair accessories together? Again, research and see what combo is the best fit.

So for April I’m going to give myself some slack, adjust my number of goals and see how this goes!

  • Order more business cards
  • Be patient with myself…it will work out!
  • Figure out when do I talk about my work on my blog…how to tie it in. I don’t want to think about it as a sales tool, but I do have to think about how to get my product out on the internet more! Any suggestions
  • B-A-L-A-N-C-E: set aside time to make/market/blog/family/BerkshireMade etc…

Happy April! It’s warm out today, so I’m going to see what the sun looks like outside!




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  1. Oh, so hope you find that enigmatic friend called Balance, and when you do, let me know where she lives please! Good luck on April and YAY on all the craft fairs, and hope your new day job goes splendidly!

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