Thrift Find: Bag of Buttons and Notions!

As soon as I saw this bag of buttons and goodies, I snatched them up at the thrift store! No one was around me, but really, it’s pretty rare to find vintage buttons that were donated, so my excitement sorta got the best of me! Before I share with you what you probably came here for (most likely buttons) I want to share a series of hook-n-eye-loops that are to me look are art:

I’m starting to feel that finding vintage notions are almost as beautiful to me as vintage buttons! Back when things were 25c, each of these sheets of hook, eyes and loops look sewn on, and look so delicate.

Here are larger hooks and loops, I didn’t get a chance to look to see if there was a date on any of these, any guesses?

A lovely closeup! I can’t believe I didn’t even get to the buttons yet! Here’s a peek inside the bag, just for show. I found some great pieces for more button pictures that will be in my next collection of “Button of the Week” photos, but for now:

Have a great Tuesday!


4 Responses

  1. LOVE that 4th picture!

  2. Ooooh, my toes are tingling! What an epic score!

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