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From the Weekend:Too Nice to Stay Inside and some reflection…

I know this is a late weekend post, but I wanted to post ut because it was such a rejuvinating day! Instead of scouring the charity shops, I spent the day with my husband enjoying the weather to welcome spring.  Lunch by the lake, love and was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  What I did to last Saturday is actually look at my phone pictures. When I take them, they all look fine, and I post them while not at my computer. I’ve gotten some feedback on the blurriness, and finally looked back and…yeah, not so much. I retook some pictures of my button jar from last week, and now know where those pictures turn out well and where they don’t!

These pictures are from my phone in full light, and I have to say they work pretty well. Now my camera, along with my phone will be with me always and know both of these work. Looks like the sun is coming out today (but maybe a bit windy!) My goal for next week is to show you how/and what my process is to my button accessories. All this inspiration is great, but how does it tie in? That you’ll find out next week!


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