Inspiration: Memories from Spring/Summer

Since I did not head to the thrift store this weekend, I wanted to share a couple of pictures that for me represent the season ahead, the energy and color and life that I am looking forward to, especially on this rainy, dark-ish day. The top picture is from the Cummington Fair last summer. Never mind the great pink/red-yellow-green color combo, but the energy that is captured in this shot! Sure it may have been August, scorching hot and we may have walked up a long hill to get to the fairgrounds (better shoes OR wait for the bus this year), but from the carnival side, to the life stock and crafts…this was such a fun event, total quintessential country fair, while many of my crafty color combos come from images such as this, even the energy of the hot air, sun dresses, community is part of where I am inspired.

This one from another space last spring/summer that I was blessed with amazing colors and inspiration: Shelburne Falls, MA at the Bridge of Flower. An old trolley track that is converted to a walking bridge that is lined on both sides with beautiful flowers, of each very different in size, shape and color. Traveling up there once a week, I found new flowers to snap pictures of and even opened me up to new colors period (purple for example, is traditionally a very hard color to sell) but again, not only was there colors and shapes that ground my work, the energy of being around such life was a mood booster for me, even still during the winter I would look back to remind myself of how the sun came down on my back that day, and how I felt “discovering” this flower for the first time. Next time around I’ll show you what these types of pictures have resulted in, but for now, have a wonderful day, and remember that inspiration is everywhere!


One Response

  1. Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos!
    Beautiful colors, I especially am in love with that one of the flowers – gorgeous!

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