Weekend Thrifting Finds

Another trip to the thrift store…this week I was looking for some cute tops and blazers, but had to stop by the “home decor” department to see: the good, the bad and the thrifted.  I’m trying to keep my thrift store buys to a minimum, but still like to see what might fit into my home..and what wouldn’t.

Milk Glass? Something I’d like to start a collection of, once I have the space to do it. One of my good friends from Oklahoma has an extensive glass collection and is my personal authority on decorative glass, so I would have to check with him first!


Lots of sewing supplies, which I don’t need, but I liked the color of the packaging, if I could buy it all to display just for great packaging, that would be one thing, but then I’d run into problems! I had this post typed up on my phone and the WordPress app is not my favorite, any recommendations for another IPhone blog applications for WP?


4 Responses

  1. How inspiring with all the impressions from your thrifty shopping! See you in the Craft Blog Tune-Up!

    • Thanks for coming by! I do really pull inspiration from specifically this section, whether it’s texture or just getting a good laugh (from say…a reba license plate?) It def. fuels how I consume and how am inspired. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Milk glass is my favorite thing to pick up from the thriftstore. I have those vases everywhere. I really like to use them as candle stick holders.

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