Elephants, Elephants Everywhere…or Weekend at my In-Laws House

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my husband who was house + pet sitting for his parents while on a cruise to Hawaii. I love visiting his parents house for a number of reasons, but this was the first time I got to take a look at her collection of ELEPHANTS! Every shape, size, and function, She is such a fan, and usually with large family functions I don’t get a chance to look and take pictures, so the timing was perfect. Here’s a little curio cabinet with mini-elephants, my favorite.


Here’s a close up of this little shelf with little elephants of all shapes and sizes…I love how none of them are the same.

Hand embroidered dish towel, and I’d like to ask: how big is a building that an elephant can stand on its hind legs to stand up and mop?

This is no ordinary cookie jar, it’s the treat jar for Lulu: 8 year old Bassett Hound and Queen of the Wood home. She’s not particular with where the treats come from, just as long as she’s getting them.

For a tea+ teapot lover like myself, this mini tea set is a great way to end this set of pictures for today. I figured I’d break these down into two sets of pictures, and will share the rest later this week. What I love about this collection is every item is different and has character. Many of these pieces are vintage or vintage looking, and while my new mother-in-law and I have different interests and tastes, it was great to see this side of her and can’t wait to hear some stories behind these items.


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