Blogging it Forward 3/09/10 What’s My Inspiration

So sorry for the delay! I’m trying to balance a few new projects and next week will be into the swing of a new project so trying to keep it all straight! Here is my post, have a great day! First off: Yay! Today’s a great day for two reasons:

  • Today’s my turn to participate in the Blog It Forward organized by Victoria of sfgirlbybay.
  • It is also my lovely husband’s birthday and we’re waiting to hear back on two job prospects for him!
  • Lots happening today! Feeling thankful, and here’s my Blog it Forward post!
  • PS: Audzipan Anthology, it’s your turn for 3/10!

Whether it’s inspiration in life, my artisan business or in my style or personal life the one word of inspiration is: vintage.  As a child, I have memories of getting up VERY early on a Sunday Morning with my family and going to the Old Hadley Flea Market and Rietta Ranch Flea Market in Hubbardston and while I don’t remember what we bought (probably lots of baby stuff, I had two nephews), I do recall the feeling that I could find anything there that I might want. Going into high school,  I had a love of odd 70s polyester pants and “granny” cardigan sweaters while my friends took to grunge. When they grew out of going to thrift stores at the end of high school, I was focusing what I could find at estate sales: the more unique and the more “granny” the better.

As I got older, and exposed to home decor and interior design I have been drawn to bold Peter Max prints, anything orange and I’ve always dreampt of buying a house with an avacado kitchen (which my mother had).  My love for flea markets has finally inspired me to start attending the Brimfield Flea Market that is 1/2 hour from where I grew up (of course I live 2 hours away now!)  While granny sweaters are picked with a more discerning eye (hand sewn pearls and beads? YES please!) Brimfield, estate sales, and monthly (for my wallet’s sake) visits to the local charity shops have proved to be amazing trips where I have found items that I can decorate my house, fashion my button wares, and touch my heart.

Why vintage? There is something about past styles, decades old coming back to life with some contemporary influences, whether they be fashion or home decor, makes me feel connected…to everyone! I hate to sound hokey, but some things just AREN’T made like they used to be, and they aren’t! Click my heels three times and take me to the largest/most affordable thrift store!


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