March Meetup Goals: Stay the Course, Invest, Believe


Happy March! February was better than January, but isn’t it going by so fast?

One day at a time, is what everyone tells me so I’ll just take it slow and move forward, let’s take a look at last month’s goals:

  • New weekly feature: From One Crafter to Another-a book, website, resource that I have discovered that could help myself and fellow makers/small biz owners. SO many resources on the internet, why not round some up!

I did do two of these, I realize I can also keep it simple even if it’s just a link and a little write up. Check up my write-ups on The Handmade Marketplace and Social Media for your Crafty Business. I have SO many resources I can’t wait to share!

  • Purchase new camera, product shots: My camera died (3+yrs is average for a digi point/shoot right?)  So found a reasonably priced replacement and will purchase and time to bulk up the shop, streamline product shots, take them to a new level!

I did research and found the camera, BUT both of the stores locally were out of stock. Waiting for them to come into stock, I took my old camera and cleaned out the battery connectors, and just for kicks put in a new battery…and it worked! So money saved there and have been working in Photoshop to better silo out my pictures. What do you think?

  • Start planning/research for catalog/look-book/line-sheet: long time coming, in order to effectively pitch stores, mags, etc…having this at my side will be the tools to help me expand my b+m presence

I did some research, I think that better photos are going in the right direction, would love suggestions on any leads or feedback on anyone has done this before, what works/doesn’t etc…

  • Uhm, BizPlan? Yeah, that’s gotta be in the works, also planning for 2010 and reevaluate 2009 shows, was it worth it? Did I make $$ to warrant going back? What’s the future of atomsatwork? BIG questions, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

This was  SO-SO accomplished: I did do a spreadsheet and totaled up what I spent for fees, travel etc…and what I made and I have to say…it was eye-opening. I do enjoy doing shows, but my results did not measure up to support throwing myself into shows and travelling.  Shows are still part of my distribution, but I have realized that I need to select/apply to shows that are a good fit.

I’m also looking at 2010 shows, have a few applications in process, and we will see what happens! Meeting with some of my current accounts to bring in new items for Spring and of course looking for new stores to work with!

Now that it’s March (Spring, I hear you’re on your way?) and time for new goals. Here’s what I’m working on this month!

  • Firm list of 2010 shows: that I’ll apply to or sign up for.  Looking at location, demographic and other factors, I can plan for travel, stock etc…
  • Touch base with all accounts for spring items: Book appointments with current stores to swap out products, bring in bright spring items, intro new pieces, etc
  • Consignment vs. Wholesale: Is it the economy, or is harder to secure wholesale accounts? I have had mostly success with consignment but I’m tasking myself to research this more and please if you have and sight, please weight in! I’d love to hear from you! I’m thinking of devoting a blog post to it, and will post some articles I find in my research!
  • Packaging/Branding: I have a few logos: blog, biz card, tags, etc. While all of them are in the  button family, I realize one logo/color scheme, theme is appropriate. Will research other business and see what I can do to streamline what I have here!
  • Shop Update and Online Shopping Cart Research: Is Etsy the best space to showcase my work online? Especially for Jewelry? Do I create two shops or keep jewelry/hair accessories together? Again, research and see what combo is the best fit.

Good luck and have a great March!!


5 Responses

  1. great list for march! pkg/branding is a fun goal! good luck!

  2. wow, wow, wow. Great list of goals. I especially like your new blog feature. You will be providing a huge service to artists. Have a great March!

  3. Yay for your camera coming back to life! And I think that photo looks great.

    I am in the middle of researching wholesale and came across this post Hope it helps! Good luck with your list this month, Stephanita.

  4. Fabulous list of goals! Happy weekend!

  5. Love the packaging branding part of things, the biz plan, marketing plan, that’s where I have fallen short – hopefully tho, I will improve at that. Have a great March

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