Keeping it Farm Chic!

Happy March!  Yesterday I went down to Great Barrington (Southern Berkshire County) to participate in an exciting fundraiser for Berkshire Grown that gathered other jewelry/accessories designers and artists at the Allium restaurant (fun space, should def. get dinner there some time!) and we had a great time working with customers (some who had never seen my work, great to get new eyes on my items) and to meet other artisans that are making and working in Berkshire County! Check out my new spinning rack that I DIY/modified (with the cup hooks! This was a former sunglasses rack that on sale at the local Goodwill and I have to say is the best $7.50 that I have spent in a while. I created “hair accessory central” where I have a place to display: barrettes, hair ties, headbands, and stretch headbands and who know what else I might decide to make.

A view from behind my booth, I was at the back of the room, the room was packed for a good amount of the day!

My little neck of the woods. I didn’t realize that I’d have four feet (used to 6-8) but we roll with it right! I’m pleased with myself that I could still make it work with four feet and it looks good! Check out more pictures from the event at Berkshire Living‘s Facebook page and Rural Intelligence to learn more about the event and some of the artists present.  This is the only show for a while here, and I will be posting more items on the Etsy shop soon (hopefully this week!)


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