From One Crafter to Another: Social Media for Your Crafty Business by Diane Gilleland

I was excited to have (Sister) Diane Gilleland’s Social Media for your Crafty Business come into my in-box.  In true social media-fashion, Sister Diane (as she is known through her long-standing podcast and blog CraftyPod) used Twitter to spread the word, offering the E-book the first 10 people who Direct Message (DM’d) her and review it in exchange.   As a long time podcast listener, and crafter, I was delighted to have the chance to write about this e-book and learn how to expand my use of social media for my own crafty biz.

This is my first E-book experience, and boy did I start with an extensive one!  This e-book is 72 pages, divided into two mini books: ‘Understanding Social Media’ and ‘Using Social Media’.   Focusing on Facebook and Twitter as social media spaces, Sister Diane provides the nuts-and-bots from setting up an account, understanding the lay of the land, and shares what I believe to be the most important take-away message: the art of “authentic engagement” and discusses this and how it differs to traditional “broadcast marketing”.

In Book One, Diane talks about the what, who and why (or value) of social media and how to strike the balance in promoting your business, but also giving back to your followers in a valuable way.   Book Two is the how: profiles, time management, and even discusses Terms of Service of Facebook and Twitter, and where your privacy comes in.  Throughout the book, Diane speaks from experience and uses personal examples to illustrate the power of authentic engagement, how the process is not always about sales conversion but creating and growing lasting relationships not only with potential customers, but also with the crafty community.

If you’re not familiar with Sister Diane, you’re in for a treat!  Sister Diane, is a lover of both cats, buttons and (not so secretly) plastic canvas.  Read my interview with Diane on her love of buttons: Button Memories with Sister Diane.

Interested in learning more from Sister Diane on this topic? Check out Twitter for Your Crafty Business, and online class she is teaching starting February 15th which will involve podcasts, blog posts, forum discussions, live chat, and video.  Cool stuff!

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CraftyPod, the Podcast
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