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Dreamers at the Martha Stewart Show (Standing next to her!)

We just received this picture today, and I’m so pumped to share it with everyone!  This is half of the Dreamers into Doers group at the Martha Stewart Show and do I look SHORT or what! But really, it’s was so exciting to have been skirted up to the front because of my height, I got to stand next to her! I was so shy, I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t, but she is very tall (or I’m not, obvs.) I do have to thank my artisan friends at BerkshireMade especially Laurie Coyle for reminding me to WEAR something that I made while I was there…really it should be easy, but I tend to forget!

Me and Web Editor Alexis Tirado

The topic of the show was travel, one of the guests was actually Columbia County author Susan Orlean (I follow her on Twitter!) and we learned ways to effectively pack for our trip and other great guests.   I realize I’m going backwards (we had an office tour, definitely need to write about) but was a great way to wrap up the trip!!


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  1. look at you fancy pants with the standing-next-to-martha AND having your own url and a fancy new layout in one week! I’m impressed. And so glad you wore one of your pieces, that’s a must! Sort of wish I could wear mine…heheh, sandwich board maybe?

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