Button-hunting in the Flower District?

So being near FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) I figured that button shops would be right around the corner…well they are, just not close to me during his trip! The lovely consierge at The Hotel Indigo Chelsea looked up some button/notion stores near the hotel, butpst of them did not exist in the locations listed. I did find a notions hop that had an aged button section, the shop owner said that what they carried was mostly for fur coats (two things found in that area of Chelsea: flowers and fur coats) so I took a look, snapped a couple of shots and kept on my way. So turns out the hotel had some rooms that had large scale button pictures (if I knew that, I would have asked for one of those rooms!) by fellow Dreamer Debbie Maddy was kind enough to let photograph her room’s wall:

While finding a button store would have been fun, I still support and stick by my mission of using vintage buttons, it’s still fun to see buttons on a contemporary setting. More buttons for me at the Brimfield Flea Market come May!

Where are your favorite places to find buttons or ANY special treasures?


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