When I grow up I want to CREATE!: hanging with Michelle, The When I Grow Up Coach

Sorry for the radio silence, so much to catch up on in the DAY job, but I’ve still got so much to share about Trip NYC 2010 and still flying on cloud nine…good stuff! When I was planning my trip, I knew I had to meet up with my lovely coach Michelle Ward (The When I Grow Up Coach) and we were  able to get dinner at Uncle Nicks, a great Greek restaurant right around the corner from my hotel.  Not only was it great to catch up, but to share with her my Dreamers Into Doers trip….I think we may have a new Dreamer on our hands!

What I really enjoy about working with Michelle is that she’s not only life coach, but specializes in working with creatives and understands terms like Etsy, + craft shows, yet also knows how to help me ask  myself the right questions on how to be a better artisan, grow my business  in a supportive way. Check out the Newsweek video below that profiles Michelle as a coach in light of the economy and the job market

Put Me In Life Coach!”-Michelle Ward, The When I Grow Up on NewsWeek

Tomorrow: Touring MSLO with Dreamers into Doers!


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  1. Thanks so much for this, Stephanie! I had such a blast with you, too. So glad you had a free night & had time for is to meet! So exciting and fun.

    And check out my blog on Monday, where I write how meeting you was the start to my incredible week!

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