Let’s try to think of 2010 Goals!

So I have so many thoughts and wants for atomsatwork for 2010, I thought it might be best to put them down not only in the larger sense but as well for the month of January (in the style of the BizMeetUpGroup formerly  hosted by Modish now by Lisa from Athena Dreams Design). Here’s the large goals for 2010:

  • streamline branding for shop/blog/website/bizcards/etc…
  • take larger risks and apply to shows outside of my  area/comfort zone
  • approach more retail stores to carry my work
  • streamline my brand (jewelry and accessories; jewelry OR accessories?)
  • Create a lookbook or catalog of my work to mail to potential stores
  • Step-Up my show display
  • Research if Etsy is the best selling arena for my work
  • Keep my shop filled and highlight seasonal items
  • Move to a self-hosted WordPress website
  • PRESS! Create a press kit, approach bloggers and editors for placement
  • Contribute to TheSampler at least 6 months out of the year
  • Build solid email list and send out monthly newsletter
  • and….stay inspired!!! Love what I do and support fellow artisans.

I’m sure that’s the tip of the iceberg and the longer I think about it I have more goals, but I’ll keep those to myself! Since a mountain can only be taken on one step at a time, here’s me goals for the rest of January:

  • Give out at least 100 biz cards at Dreamers into Doers event next week
  • Contribute to The Sampler for Feb
  • Put together show wish list for 2010 and application deadlines
  • research 10 stores in New England for potential retail opportunities

I think that’s a great place to start for being mid month. Any large 2010 goals out there for my fellow makers/small biz owners? Let’s try to start 2010 strong!


6 Responses

  1. excellent ideas and positive energy plan. i likes it. i needs it.

  2. Great goals! I haven’t even thought about mine for the year yet. I especially like how you listed being outside of your comfort zone and staying inspired as goals for 2010. 🙂 sara

  3. Great goals and definitely ambitious yet obtainable. Perfect! Do not forget to ask for help to meet your goals… helping you may actually help them research some goals , too.

  4. great ideas for january! good luck with your goals!

  5. wow, start the year strong! Would love to hear more about the Dreamers into Doers event you’re attending…. Have a great January!

  6. I echo Liz and would love to hear more about Dreamers into Doers. It sounds like a great event. Good luck with all your goals this month!

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