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My not-so-secret-but-chrerished button collection

image by SGW, guest appearance by Mr. Tumnus

In addition to the containers of buttons that I use for my button accessories I have a box of buttons that are still on their cards. When I started having fun with buttons,  I didn’t realize how special the button cards were and took them off of the cards as I used them.  Over time I have come to understand that I LOVE working with vintage buttons because they had come in contact with people, and each button coming from an article of clothing.  What is so great about these button cards is that they are little memories stuck-in-time.  From the date, to the design, they are so lovely, that I find it hard to part with them! Check out some of the photos for examples, I want take photos of many of these  cards (which I  hope to share in the future) but to work them into my designs? Not so sure.  Anyone else have a button collection that they could not part with to replace a dress shirt button? Let me know!!


2 Responses

  1. wouldn’t photos of the button cards make great greeting cards, stationery, etc.??

    I love finding old cards of buttons too–(and old knitting needles on cards, thread, needles, etc.etc.)with the old prices on them–sigh.

  2. PS gorjus kitty

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