Dreaming of a white…Berkshires..

Now that we are in the new year, we are surounded by and covered by SNOW! Growing up, we had a family member that plowed for the state and once he was done with is route would come and plow us out. Until then we sat tight and waited (which reminds me of a time the power went out and my mom used the gas grill to make food after a bad ice storm, but that’s for another day). Now as an adult, I certainly don’t have that luxury and now get to dig my car out myself but am so thankful that I can rely on my Impreza Outback to get me from A to B in the dead of winter.

But today was one of those rare moments for me when I get to see the beauty of snow. A fresh snowfall before the plows, shovels and hustle and bustle of life can be special and I realize that I wouldn’t know what to do without it!

Back to crafty goodness later today!!!


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