Thrifted: Salt & Pepper Shakers

During one of my trips to the Olde Hadley Flea Market I came across a table of salt n’ pepper shakers $1/pair (!) Then realizing that I do not have a nice or fun pair of shakers, obviously needed to take advantage of this opportunity! Here is a set of fancy pants for eventual dinner parties/entertaining
Personal Faves! Peanuts? Gotta love peanuts! These are for everyday, these fit in with any decor (in my house!) and are definitely a conversation piece.

Time for the holidays! C’mon, anyone who partakes in Santa-related holidays should have a pair of these around. I was told that these were “old” and I’ll admit, I’m not schooled in time period and my frame of reference is growing, if anyone know when these are from let me know, educate me!!! (Please?)

These are a possible gift as I have for a certain family member who <3's elephants! I love these blue shakers with their red? eyes and blue hue. I could keep these, we'll see!

I have a backlog of thrifted treasures this summer, going through some rethinking on how I want to structure the blog! I’m sure people go through that… Have a great day!


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