Inspiration: A Snail’s Journey

During my trip to Maine, my nephew pointed out each day a snail, “making the long journey” and I’d pass it off, but the more I thought about it, it’s is amazing that in the long stretch of beach/land/ocean, that they do take this long trip! My last day in the sun, I found one of these guys by not looking for it and seeing a faint strip of sand that was very long and I followed it and here’s what I found!Taking all of the time to get to their destination, even though they are one tiny speck in a large world. It’s amazing that all of this goes on under our feet! It made me think about my creative business endeavors and how there are so many other people taking the long journey that I am as well. How do we make strides? How do we take the steps to our eventual goal, whether it’s getting into stores, getting into galleries, gaining clients or just getting noticed? For me knowing that I have a long journey means that I have LOTS of steps to take whether it is streamlining my product, making local/online connections, or just pushing myself. So here’s to taking the next step!


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