Inspiration: Leading Ladies

So I’m going along in my blogroll and I was reading a post on Decor8 (love, love love!) about Country Living’s Leading Ladies issue and posed the question about our personal leading ladies in our lives. I started thinking about the women in my life that have inspired me whether it’s informed my work or in one way or another have been supported. Names may not be used on all entries but I’m enjoying this space to show appreciation!
  • Mom&Fiance’s Mom-Obviously number 1 picks, both survivors and strong women, who gave their children so much and supported us along the way.
  • Heidi Kinney of My Paper Crane: One of the first blogs I ever read, (via Livejournal mind you), Heidi infuses crafty DIY goodness in every aspect of her life and shares her life/adventure of her, husband and 2 kids. She opened me up to the world of kitch holiday and take thrift to a whole new level.
  • Sister Diane of CraftyPod: Who was gracious to let me interview her for my Button Memories but also something more. CraftyPod was one of the first and for a while only portal I had to the crafty world, and opened my world up crafting in other communities.
  • One of my first bosses, Laura: One of my jobs at a retail giant no need to mention was in the Apparel (Softlines) and she showed me what it was like to take ownership of the work that you do and looked at the part of the store as a business. Sales data, P&L’s might all sound boring, but provided me with the drive for success that I carry with me always.
  • One of my first crafty/best friends: Marie formerly of Robot Parade, who makes recycled/upcycled goodness, and looks for more out of life. She and I became friends as I was starting to dabble into crafting and really shaped my views of going local, going DIY and pretty much the world.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! So many more women who inspire me to bring my work to the next level, the friends I’ve made in the Berkshires who keep it positive and love life (LaurieCoyleDesigns, Mary Vasquez-Slack, Bella Bags) and those who take leadership and innovation to the next level (Berkshire Creative). I feel blessed to have all of these wonderful people in my life who inspire me in so many ways!


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