I’m a fan: VintageGoodies on Etsy!

Happy Monday!

In the effort to space out some of my great interviews on Button Memories I am going to make it bi-weekly and on the off weeks share my favorite artisans and websites. Thanks so much and have a great day!

This is a Brimfield find, but it took me some time to get ready to post! As far as booths go, this was my kind of stuff! I present to you Vintage Goodies, found on Etsy, and I pretty much wanted to decorate my kitchen with her wares!

When I found this booth…seriously, I felt like I had come home! Great merchandising, for any vintage aficionado to style her kitchen and home with flair! Not only are there home decor items, but vintage textiles, aprons, clothing, fabric books and more! Here owner Lisa gushes about her love for estate sales and how she came to start her business:

I just LOVE a good estate sale. I go as often as I can. I love to reuse things from the past because they are made so much better than things today, and they are much more interesting. I am particularly fond of items from the 1950’s. These finds already have a story to tell, and I think it is amazing to walk into someones life and see what books they read and what clothes they wore. I am offering things that I like but either don’t quite fit my decor or I just know is a good find. I guess this shop is a good excuse for me to go estate shopping and pick up cool stuff.

What a great way to find items and think about the story behind the item! I was really drawn to how each piece has something interesting to it whether it is fun mustard colored cups and saucers, or the white bowls with beautiful chocolate brown detail.

I love this red vignette because it feels like a throwback to a different time of avocado kitchens, and casseroles were on the dinner table yet everything there could be in a kitchen today and is bright bold and fun…ooh I’ve got shopping to do!

Vintage Goodies: Etsy
Also, Check out her other shop Art Goodies!


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