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Rethinking the booth display

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went to Ski Butternut for the Berkshire Arts Festival (link to show) in Great Barrington, MA. I had never been to it and wanted to see what the show was like. Boy was an interesting experience!

After touring all of the artist’s booths, I tried to picture whether or not I could see a booth of my product there and asked my fiancé and as much as he thought it was about price point (which is a whole different struggle/discussion) it came down for me to be display: would my current display fit in with these high quality artists and artisans? Now there was the question…

This made me think about my own display and rethinking how I present my products in a way that is both professional and still fits in with the look of the brand. I started looking online for inspiration of what I could do to improve my display and how to take it to the next level. Here were a couple of resources that I felt were helpful and provided good tips:

As far as general tips for an effective both setup when displaying your wares, here are two things I always try to keep in mind:

  • Cohesive display: as much as you can, you want to convey that your wares are made my one person/company and that there is a cohesive flow to your space. Whether that is signs that are made the same color or using display material of one color or type, you want to make sure the customer knows it’s you!
  • Getting it up to eye level: This one took me a while to figure out and I’ve received more sales the more I make it a priority. If a customer is going to have to bend down to look at an item or signage, it’s more work that comes between you and a sale. I use vintage luggage for many of my jewelry pieces and a small Christmas tree to display my holiday ornaments. One recent change I made that I can share is displaying my hair barrettes. During the holiday season, I sold quite a few of these on my Etsy shop, but not as successful in shows. So this weekend, I thought about what I could do that could bring the barrettes closer to eye level so a potential customer could view the bright vibrant colors but not have to rummage around finding the right color. I ended up utilizing a vintage dress form that needed some work on the stand. I removed the pole so it could sit on my tabletop and here’s what I ended up with:
  • Before:
  • After:

Always learning, my next project is to bring my display to the next level of clean professionalism but still maintain the vintage, whimsical vibe that I go for not only in my display but in each piece I create.


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