I’m a fan of: Bella Bags By Marcia!

Here’s a local (Berkshire County/Western Mass) artisan (and friend) that has great bright, fun wares and I’m excited to share with you Bella Bags by Marcia!A recent transplant to the Berkshires, Marcia is inspired by bright bold Japanese fabrics and exciting patterns. From her Etsy shop, she describes how she came to start Bella Bags: \

I have been drawn to creative projects and endeavors since I was a child … I spent much of my free time in high school sketching clothing and accessories and constructed much of my own wardrobe. Upon graduating from high school, Iattended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles where I majored in Fashion Design. I learned the arts of designing, sketching, pattern drafting as well as sewing. I graduated from FIDM in mid- 2000 … after graduation I began freelance designing clothing, accessories and costumes. In late 2006 I decided to focus predominantly on bags thus the birth of Bella Bags!

Here are photos from Bella Bags at Downtown Pittsfield’s Third Thurdays:

Way to upcycle! Marcia utilizes all of her scraps of her bags to make and sell headbands in varying sizes, providing a matching accessory to your bag or wristlet! Here’s a great example of use of color a great wristlet is a great addition to a basic black outfit and means you don’t have to lug that large bag out at night if you don’t want to!
Bella Bags: Etsy, Myspace, Facebook, Website


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  1. WHAT ADORABLE BAGS!!! I want one! So glad that you made me aware of them and the bag would be cool enough for carrying a few pencils and stuff or even my make-up while walking studying at FIDM this fall!So trendy…they should totally be brought to FIDM so that my friends and I can buy them!

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