atomsatwork & BerkshireMade in Handmade News!

Excited to share with you a recent write up about me and BerkshireMade in Handmade News! Dee Tillota, who creates fuse glass cabochons, jewelry and home decor items in fused and dichroic art glass under the name Willowglass on Etsy and Artfire invited myself and another BerkshireMade member about what we get out of being a part of a team/guild, and about our work!
Here is the first part of the article, check out the rest at Handmade News;

“BerkshireMade is one of the newer teams on Etsy whose mission is to cooperatively support the production, marketing, sales and distribution of products made by creatives living in Berkshire County, MA. Their ultimate goal is to promote a shift in the shopping paradigm, so that their customers seek to purchase goods created by artisans both around the corner and around the globe.
I spoke two of the founding BerkshireMade founders, April Jenks and Stephanie Gravalese, about their Western Massachusetts based team and what it brings to each of them. I asked them to share with us a little bit of the background of BerkshireMade; how and when it was formed, how they participate and what they get out of being on this particular team. ”

Check out the rest of the article here!


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