Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the delay, it’s been some kind of week so far. So Mass Market was great, an interesting challenge because I only had a 4 feet of space rather than the 8 or 10 that I normally do. I brought more rather than less, and drastically had to change my setup!

What I found to be most important was making sure my items were off the ground and getting my items as high as possible, so that the buyer can see it and not feel overwhelmed. I actually was able to include two new item categories that I hadn’t sold before and was happy to fit them in!
The screen with my earrings on it was a great addition to my display. While it is on loan to my right now, I look forward to permanently including it in my display. In the photo above are a bowl that house a couple of sets of napkin rings that I started making, I really need to make the sign clearer next time. Even though I had them on napkins, people kept taking them off and trying them on! It does give me an idea for bracelets though…
I definitely learned to expect anything for a show. While I knew I had 1/2 a table I didn’t realize how much that affected my display, in a good way! I had a great time at Mass Market and found a couple very cool artists that I will feature in the near future. Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Your table looks great! I would love to check this market out next time you go. Will you keep me posted?

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