I’ve reached The Button-Load!

I celebrated my birthday this past week and my mom came up this Sunday to spend the day together and catch up. She said that she had some buttons for me and she usually picks them up for me when she sees them and they are not too cheap and are interesting, but when she got out of her van with TWO handled shopping bags, I was shocked. When I saw what was inside, I swear I had never seen that many buttons in one place:

Never mind any place, MY place! The local senior center got a large donation of buttons and my mom jumped at the chance and WOW. I’m not usually an all caps kinda gal, but I have not been this giddy in a while!
Have you ever seen a triple level danish cookie tin? The tall jar is chock full as well, so many buttons….Let’s open the tops!

The cookie tin is full of bags of buttons, many were sorted by the lovely ladies of the Belchertown Senior Center so that will make “The Big Sort” so much easier.

I have started going through the goods and will share some of the fun ones. I’ve been really appreciating the charm of buttons still on the original cards, or one that are hand sewn back onto cards.


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