Modish Biz Tips Goal Meetup: Goals to June

It’s June and its time to take a look at goals from May as part of the Modish Biz Tips:

    1. Connect and expand my twitter network to 200+ members connect with other locals/artisan/cultural contacts (twitter: stephanita)
    2. -Not up to 200, but 146 & counting!

    3. Put examples of my work on my Facebook page:
    4. -Done!

    5. Post 3-4 blog posts per week and develop 2 weekly features
    6. -One feature, but it’s going on this month’s list

    7. Watch this Ira Glass: Storytelling #3 video weekly for support:
    8. -Watched it weekly!

    9. Brainstorm alternative booth ideas (currently display in old suitcases, cool, but hard for a 4 foot space)
    10. Develop long range marketing plan (both local and large scale)
    11. Hand out large stack of business cards in my purse (creating a buzz)
    12. Create! I’m feeling inspired,
    13. -Lots of new items this month and a few more to come!

    14. Work out display for my work in retail store due mid week
    15. Design and order postcards for Etsy shop and blog

So it’s about 50/50 and it pretty good for my first time setting up goals and putting them out there for the Internet to see! For June I think my goals need to be long-term rather than day to day goals:

Biz Goals for June:

  1. Develop 2 weekly features
  2. Streamline marketing plan for online presence
  3. Design shop postcards and new business cards
  4. blog for shop promotion vs. blogging about other great stuff
  5. Contact more brick and mortar stores for wholesale/consignment options

I’m excited to take a look at other Modish Biz peeps’s goals for the month, good luck everyone!


5 Responses

  1. good luck for your june goals. i love your vintage button barrettes!
    – Deb @ owlandbunny

  2. Good luck with your June goals.
    Thanks for the link to Ira Glass. I watched a 'wee bit' and found it interesting…so I'll add that to my to-do list and see what he's about.
    I have a huge amount of vintage buttons. I love them. I love how you use them in your work, too.

  3. Best of wishes with your goals for June. You did well in May for your goals.


  4. Good luck! You achieved so much last month, I hope this month is just as successful for you! Glitterysah x

  5. Just dropping by from the Modish goals list. I hope your June is going well!

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