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Inspired by the Bridge of Flowers

After a few months of traveling up to Shelburne Falls every week, I finally was able to take a walk and see what all of the tourists are talking about (yay, no snow!) My first visit was to the Bridge of Flowers (which is technically in Shelburne as opposed to Buckland, the other side of the bridge).

I was blown aware at how what was formerly a trolley track was turned into a beautiful walkway that over looks the village of Shelburne Falls and such a place of inspiration! I posted a few photos of the flowers and believe me took many more!

This inspires me to bring more pink into my life…I’m not sure but I think I see a bit of yellow in the bloom as well…
I have not seen a flower like this before! At first glance appears so sharp and possibly spiky, but it is all flower. I have no idea what types of flowers these are, if anyone knows please share!

Again more pink! But the purple and green are inspiring me to do a piece with pink,purple and green. Color combos sometimes don’t make sense until you see it in the most unexpected places!

This visit is exactly what I need to get creating! I have been in a product development frame of mind the past few weeks, trying to balance work/craft/life! As always, more to come!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love it đŸ™‚

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