Serial Bookmarker: IDIY (New weekly feature!)

So I use Google Reader to enjoy all of the blogs that I read and really I am adding more each week. Google Reader has the option of starring or bookmarking an entry to reference or to read later similar to Gmail. In addition many bookmarks for outfit inspiration via Wardrobe Remix I found that this is a way that I find myself organically drawn to a blog by how many times I flag a post of interest from it! The first blog that made me a “serial book marker” was IDIY:

While I have been planning my wedding for quite some time, I didn’t even realize that this was wedding specific, the projects are so great! From the About section Luzel explains what IDIY is and :

“Throughout my wedding planning, I’ve stumbled across dozens upon dozens of amazing sites that inspired me creatively — from crafty blogs and links, to quality freebies and templates galore. Now that the wedding is over, I thought I’d round them up here for fellow DIY brides. This is my place to share little bits and pieces of ‘IDo’-it-yourself goodness!

So whether you’re trying to find inspiration for that extra special touch, or just fancy saving a few pennies, be sure to stop by and pick up a few goodies. “

What I LOVE about the site is the quality of the Do-It-Yourself projects and how many can be done outside of weddings and look . One recent post that got me ready to bake was one Luzel posted via fellow blogger Lillies and Grapes.


Button Cookies! Goodness, Not only could I make these for a wedding, but as a promo for my shop, or just to really make someone smile! Click on the image to learn more, I know I’ll be making mine soon! For more amazing projects check out the Freebies and Downloads section of the website. The collection of DIY weddings that are included are accessible enough to feel both inspired and amazed. I know that I’m going to infuse more IDIY in my wedding plans and in my day-to-day. Thanks for checking out my first weekly feature and stop by next week for another blog feature, have a great Thursday!


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  1. Awww, Thank you so much for the blog-love! So sweet of you. I'm so flattered! xoxo

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