Brimfield part 2: What I did come home with

So ok, I shared the crazy stuff now, what I actually brought home. I’m not in the market for any home decor, so that was out, and I find that going to Brimfield along is a inspiring experience, so I stuck to looking for buttons and costume jewelry that I can pick apart. I’m a total deal hunter, so it made sense to look outside of the box for new pieces for my jewelry/accessories/collages.

Here are the goods: 3 jars of buttons (and a zip lock bag), 2 pairs of clip on earrings, 1 stirring spoon (ok, so I found 1 non-jewelry item) and a few more pieces out of range. The button jars are the best, because you have no idea what is inside and while you might get some of the same, there are usually one or two special glass buttons or the occasional Bakelite button (very occasional!).

Ok, so a mermaid bottle opener is not so much a jewelry item either but I couldn’t resist! While we are not so much a bottle opening household, I thought it would be a great conversation piece

Excited to make some pieces with these atoms charms, very space like and goes with the name!

Just as I was leaving, I stopped by the booth by our car, and saw jars of odd findings, very cool, but they didn’t look like beads or charms. After speaking with the owner, turns out they were remnants from a former hat making shop! The large silver disks are lockets and there is a whole mess of “crafty goodness” in there that I am excited to make stuff from!


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