atomsatwork or "What’s in a name?"

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Ok, so I know that the name I have taken on for my work, my blog and my creative ventures is kind of different, and I wanted to share the story of where my name came from:
I love books and have been picking up old history text books, novels in different languages, and many other books for years. I may not have a clue or an interest in the subject but if there is something quirky about it, I usually pick it up. About 5 years ago, I was doing a larger craft show and needed a name for my crafty venture and since my first and last name are close to 20 letters, that wasn’t going to do. So I was flipping threw a newly purchased science book from the thrift store titled, Our Friend the Atom looking for something to catch my eye and then I found it: Chapter 5 which is titled, “Atoms at Work” which outlined how the atom’s work makes “everything” happen and it’s role in the world.
From there, thinking of a concept, an idea that links it back to making, creating, crafting. I eventually decided that when one is creating, crafting and making it is literally “atoms at work” as opposed to “idle hands”. I hadn’t focused yet on jewelry and have come a long way from where I started.
So I have had that name for the past 5 or so years and have only recently thought about how it fits in what I do and what I would like my “brand” to be, whether or not it is me as an artist or this individual brand button jewelry and accessories. I realize that my work and I can be one in the same, and I am curious as to how other creator resolve this struggle? If anyone has any suggestions or opinions it would be much appreciated!

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