atomsatwork @ the Little Red Schoolhouse, Williamstown, MA

Here is my booth from the first fair of the season! I have used vintage luggage for a while, I hope to find a few new pieces and change it up!
The green piece in the middle may have been an animal carrier at some point, I’ll be on the lookout for bright fun pieces to change it up. I’m also thinking of doing “official” compartments in the larger pieces. Is the hap-hazard look working or would a streamlined look being a better sell?

The piece on the end holding my collages was literally in my living room and I picked it up in a hurry because I needed something to put them on, but it works great! Sometimes the best decisions are ones that are made quickly (quick decisions are not a strong point of mine)

Here are a couple more fellow artisan’s booths under the BerkshireMade booth, what a great banner! Designed by the ever so talented Laurie May Coyle, we really stood out as the BerkshireMade section of the show. Speaking of BerkshireMade, check out the new redesign of It has a list of the upcoming events and ways to connect with the group via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more!

One Response

  1. your table looks lovely! I think the vintage-looking pieces work really well with your work, which is so vintage-inspired.
    I think it might help for you to have something taller in the back, maybe some kind of vertical display with earrings on it or your banner/business name sign?
    I also think levels would work for you — put plastic or cardboard boxes under the tablecloth to raise things up to different levels and make it look very intentional.
    Um, btw, love the banner! ;>

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