Thrifting Frenzy!

I have to say that many of the best home décor pieces that I have in my home have been picked up secondhand, and given new life. There is so much character in an object that is not in heavy circulation and provides you and your home a little sense of style. I make it a point to stop by our local Goodwill and Salvation Army weekly to see what I can add to my home.

These two deer may have been part of the holiday decorations display and I thought they would be great on my counter. They have these two little bells hanging off of their necks and I can’t wait to put them under a little cloche in my kitchen.
I picked up these matching owl banks and with a good polish these will look great in our living room. I forgot to take a picture of the bottom, but saw that it had a Coppercraft Guild, so even better, these are HANDMADE! For me, I couldn’t have been a better purchase to have new life in a handmade item.

This week I will be posting handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas, and I’ll be looking for deals both local and online!


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