Inspiration is everywhere!

I’ve been going through old pictures of my recent travels and how I’ve been inspired, whether it is for a color scheme that has informed a piece of jewelry or an outfit, inspiration translates in many ways and is in everything around us. So I thought we could take a brief trip (not around the world, but still a smattering of locations) and look at examples of hidden treasures:
(Obligatory Travel Photo with Vintage American Tourister Luggage: Albany, NY)
This amazing wallpaper is all over the bathroom at the place in Wells, ME and since then have been looking for those shades of green and blue to make something that resembles that paper!

Found an interesting stained glass sign outside of shop in Eureka Springs, AR, again with the blue and green, but the red caught my eye, and I had not seen modern non-religious stained glass before my trip to Eureka Springs…

Here is a tiled hallway in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada! I love the color combo and how for me it is a hidden treasure because I did not expect to find something like this in the Old City.

I guess the moral of the story is to have your camera on you always, and keep your eyes open! Whether it is great packaging, the way a shadow casts the ground, it may just be the thing that inspires your next project!


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