Crafty Goodness to prepare for warm weather!

Is it Spring Yet?

I wanted to find an artist whose work could gear me up for spring and who better than my friend Laurie May Coyle of Laurie Coyle Designs:

A Berkshire County based artisan, Laurie has been crafting in one way or another growing up. Not wanting to restrict herself to one medium, Laurie focuses on sewn creatures, graphic design,selling the cutest prints that can surely perk up your day. Most of her work appears to be inspired by the outdoors, as she usually includes birds, farm animals, and other woodlen creatures.

She describes her work as, “Up-beat, graphic & modern, my imagery and crafty goodness feature words, birds, flora and a little bit of other fauna.” In addition to utilizing nature, Laurie also is committed to using a combination of new and upcycled supplies, hoping to craft in a way that makes a smaller footprint on our earth.
What I love about Laurie’s work is that it’s so organic. I snatched up her card titled, “I’d totally subscribe to your podcast (but only if it was free).” As a total podcast lover, I approve!
Her new prints: I Do it for the Joy it Brings &
Let It Be are a new series of four archival print from original watercolors that can really pick up one’s mood on a gloomy day.
The colorful bird is part of an Upcycled Bird Sculpture that can be found on CraftStylish and is a great example of upcyling and looking cute doing it!
Check out Laurie’s shop: LaurieCoyleDesigns and her blog The Crafty Musings of Laurie Coyle
Have a great Wednesday, and see you later this week!

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