The Ice Storm that missed us!

I did not even realize that last week’s storm was so bad until leaving the Berkshires for our weekend in Boston! Leaving Lee we saw little snow, and did not see the ice until we hit Blanford:

We had ice storms like this growing up, but this one kept people without power for days (maybe a week!) and missed other towns! New England weather: so fickle!

Another shot of the ice by a lake on the Mass Pike.

I hope that most of the people affected by the ice storm have their power back on for the holidays! I am also a week behind in that we just had a snow storm last night. Winter is here folks, pull out your snow boots. The Berkshires are a special place where winter is especially harder than other parts of MA, so here we go!
I got asked to do a last minute Vendor Blender at The Colonial Theatre tonight so please stop by if you are interested in picking up a last minute gift! Looking to order an atomstwork accessories original? just go to and let me know if you’re from Berkshire County, and we’ll waive the shipping!

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